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Why to build your own web site?

Firstly we should define the real meaning of a web site. Enterprise is not just to set up a good reputation and embody trend-spotting do, only the network technology with the enterprise management system, working process and business operation realize closely integrated, can play the role, make enterprise web site for enterprise to bring benefit. The ultimate purpose of an enterprise and the arrangement of its business purpose should be consistent, is through the website of the enterprise management to reduce cost and transaction cost, and through the development of e-commerce activities to gain more profit. A clear goal, can correctly operating enterprise website, and make it become the power for the development of the enterprise.

The Internet is a not suffer and exchange of information system, it is the most direct, the rich and the most efficient distance contact, as an efficient tool for communication, the Internet was used in more and more companies to establish contact with the suppliers or customers, business information work (usually through enterprise's websites, E-mail systems). With the traditional information, the advantages of the Internet is self-evident, it can maximize shorten the time to communicate, so as to improve the competitiveness of enterprises in market. But in a relative scale enterprise, information, logistics, capital management should have a standard and scientific process. While the network, just meet the needs of the business management. Here, improve efficiency, such as network in the internal management, order, customer management and purchasing management, staff management etc many complex can work both in Internet and LAN very easily.

Of course, the most intuitionistic website is one enterprise image display and ascend. The Internet as a 24-hour uninterrupted media platform, its efficiency is the traditional media unreachable. As an enterprise, in the Internet to build your own web site, the most obvious effect is to show itself to the world of the enterprise, make more people know their enterprise, enterprise can have certain public awareness in the ascent.

Enterprise web another main function is to develop e-commerce enterprises can directly use the Internet, e-commerce, enterprise is the ideal goal of Internet, for some big company already has become the reality. They have tasted e-commerce huge benefits: internal data communication, staff of the instantaneous closer, business efficiency and the increasing internationalization of composition, appearance and branches of funds of saving, etc.

Anyhow, our understanding of the website of enterprise, enterprise online is not simply the trend of The Times, should let site to enterprise's real benefits. But also don't need wide-eyed, should according to the needs of the business enterprise, the site as a strategic investment, with a minimum of investment for the biggest reward, the most suitable characteristics of Internet plan and mode is the most sensible choice.