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A website is more effective than 50 salesman!

Now China's small and medium-sized enterprise website construction is mostly in the network company under the pressure of telephone marketing network company, in the dead to tie a salesman in the network company, lazy of electronic commerce and network marketing banner inspiring, in the development of enterprise information words make wise situation, finally, helpless and network company was decided.

Now the network company website has e-business, network marketing, website promotion, and some hot fire service, almost in network company called after wave of e-commerce is only they convince boss of small and medium-sized enterprises, and a website do excuse me in Qingdao, responsible for the marketing network, telephone day, I kept asking him, why should we do website, almost all the answer is now, do not do, your electronic commerce web will soon behind your competitors, the whole world on e-commerce revolution, but I asked them, the basic content of e-commerce and target and theory, but no one can give me a said the answer.

E-commerce is an emerging industry in China, although the proposed in China for many years, but still have a considerable development. In China the so-called e-commerce development and dynamic merely alibaba, 8848,6688, ebay, some of the news, the treasure of small and medium-sized enterprises in the difficulty of e-commerce on vigorous area of a public debut. China's e-commerce is just 8848,6688 alibaba, ebay, used to make clean the tool, is a pretence make network company.

So what kind of website is effective website? First: the website must have strong profitability. I always think cannot bring profits are sick. A truly effective website should have a lot of profit, each page may bring potential customers and order.

Second: website design must reflect your company's specialization. Hindering e-commerce development in China is an important reason of credibility problem. A website to online profits, you must enter your site in 30 seconds to win customer trust, network marketing research shows that even a very valuable potential customers come into your site, after 30 seconds, your site is not made his trust, cannot let him feel your website in reality is a very strong strength of large companies, is moved to the Internet, you may lose the 70 percent in China with potential customers. So you can't really profitable website, website design also is very important.

Once again, is the design must be commercialized website. One of your potential customers to see your message, confident in your website for you to contact, but also find a very not easy to find, and finally a so-called "contact us", but is an E-mail, still cannot directly hair, customers will bring your E-mail address to his mailbox, give your mail. The network information age, eager to find your potential customers, where there will be time for you to send an E-mail. Network marketing research shows that if the customer in 2 minutes to find you haven't found the fastest way to contact, then you will have 80% of the customer may be lost. This website is also called network marketing network company of masterpiece.

Finally, and most importantly, website promotion, although search engine promotion only a small part of the network marketing, network marketing, but it is the most effective. Mention search engine promotion. Many people thinks of above all is baidu and domestic portal, baidu promotion is indeed many americans preferred, also have the effect very much. After all, baidu search engine occupied domestic market of 38%. Americans are first choice and gateway website baidu promotion, but seldom go first choice as the world first search engine and the second search Google and yahoo, because many cannot search engine promotion to have a correct understanding. Cannot distinguish baidu search engines and domestic and world search engine. Domestic search engine promotion is money bought a temporary flow, to strive for a few potential customers and order, its effect is temporary, you this month, the month is effect promotion, next month, has not. Domestic search engine rankings are man-made through program control, who give money, who in front, especially in baidu competitive ranking, you must first, we must continuously ranked higher price than others, to ensure their rankings. If not, perhaps you today or tomorrow, but first you perhaps is the fifth, even by the position of the price standing on a manufacturer, ultimately benefit or baidu. Even the first page of the promotion of the rankings, also website to ascertain, today is on the first page of a big adjustment, baidu, a big updating your website, you can't find it. Many people were able to spend big price in baidu and portal bought experience.

An effective website, only to have effective flow, what kind of flow is effective flow? Only from the search engines to flow is the most effective flow. But for the long-term development of the enterprise brand and stable flow, in the search engine rankings for a stable becomes even more important. A website in search engine rankings in a firm's website itself to the requirements, but the flow, the heaviest if the quality of your site, because the search engines and principles are the same, the maximum flow, based on the best website trade ahead of our competitors. While in baidu and gateway website promotion, although can do bring temporary traffic to your website, but ultimately didn't help to improve the quality of your web page, search engines, is unfavorable to flash of search and ranking. But in domestic portal website promotion for several years, but no one told you, your home page navigation system against search engine search engine, or no one told you, your website contact is hard to find, but never one to tell you at the bottom of each page on your contact information, network marketing. The title of your website is your company name, not search engine search engine, and search engine is difficult to identify your company's main products and services, but you never know. Alas, spend wrong!

Why Beijing, Shanghai, guangdong, zhejiang businessmen use Google and yahoo, instead of baidu, why only in Beijing, Shanghai, guangdong, zhejiang businessmen use Google, Google in China occupied 28% of Chinese search engine marketing. Why Google in China have an agent, but feels very baidu. Because many people view, consciousness of baidu search out more is junk. Baidu's ranking is unstable, ranking the inclusion of too much that rank. As the search engine, Google and yahoo are to have their own unique webpage scores level standard, rather than the score of baidu baidu rating criteria of money, because the Google and yahoo are website traffic, quality is the best site based in the same ahead of our competitors. In their own ranks and difficulty levels to ensure the web scores rank, authority and stability in Google and yahoo ranks the first page of the site, in other search engine rankings are very good, also on the first page, and baidu and domestic portal that a guarantee? Competitive advantage, contrast reflects reflects difference.

The slender and as a representative of the crowd with apparently has no longer meets the tactics of modern marketing development. A truly effective website can make e-business, network marketing and the perfect combination of traditional business. Using rumsfeld marketing strategy, let the salesman three words in your company, let your client words active, you find you have several service. Money in relaxed happy.