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How the enterprise network marketing?

With the advent of the Internet, network marketing to small and medium-sized enterprises have been known and fact.

Small and medium-sized enterprise network marketing is different from the large enterprise, focusing on the product promotion, business enterprise resources and timely and effective information feedback.

An enterprise, its product promotion, is an important means is:
  1, enterprise website and search engine
  2, information release and information feedback
  for large enterprise, enterprise web site is an image publicity tools, luxuriant page. For small business enterprise website, more important is a product of the display window. In the enterprise web, need detail product performance, the advantages of various parameters etc, best, deserve to go up beautiful pictures of products (such as photograph badly, or don't play), let visitors to see your products directly.
In the domestic   search engine is actually "classification retrieval", with "GOOGLE" into "baidu", become YAHOO, sina, sohu, netease, large search web search support, Chinese search engine into a real "search era". In the search engine promotion enterprise, more important is to find you can search engine of enterprises and products, and the top. Therefore, to small and medium-sized enterprises to spend a lot of money, do a flower becomes warped website, as a rich content and the enterprise web search optimization.

  online information online is an important means of propaganda. Any of the traditional method, the publicity of network information release less as low cost and effective. The network economy era of free. China now has free information about website, alibaba large information website, also have a large number of people from all walks of life information website.
  worthy of note, no one is able to accommodate all information website of information, attract all the information inquirers. But, a lot of small and medium-sized websites hand holds information of customers, they through off-line information website of staff and network connection, rather than through the network. Therefore, in addition to release information to large information website, also want to be released information as more information website especially professional website.
  release information has many skills.

  first is "real". The topic and content and information are quick to say you want to sell anything. For example, you sell a new technology, the food of the theme "information bag you grasp opportunities," in the rich information website homepage do recommend 1-2 days may have the effect of a long time, and it needs through search to find out is not easy, and no one will use "master" or "rich" as keywords to search for the information he needs. In the information release the information you should study mainly to what industry, these people how to find information in the theme, and those who were found to illuminate the "keywords".
Second is the "whole". What words are not mentioned in the content. But important keywords "bath", "bath appliance," write "bathroom articles for use, because all the computer may not know" bath "and" bathroom "is the concept of similar! If the person only search for information, "" bathroom articles for use of computer is not the" bath "to him, unless the program error.

  release information and feedback to need to pay attention to the method. Some enterprise left email, but it is rare to collect, can make business opportunities. Here recommended by the Oriental information network platform of all-around network marketing (the), information release, enterprise web station, information feedback is an organic whole repeatedly, let the customer immediately visit to see information website, and feedback. Let your complete online promotion process.

Second, the enterprise resource collection, as the Internet resource is more and more abundant, the enterprise has to find yourself from online materials, equipment, new technology, and for saving production cost and improve the technical content.   enterprise resource collection of main method is to use a search engine. Use the search engine to resources to a certain skills. First to learn how to choose the right "keywords". For example, online information is provided "inventory clothing and textile, woolen sweater," keyword "stock" and "woolen sweater," "" can be searched to this message, but the search" inventory sweater." But, you really want to find the "stock" and don't want to see any sweater irrelevant information?
  this needs to use "search grammar". Can also search "stock" and "woolen sweater" two words. Each search engine has its own "search", in the use of grammar before must read. (such as sina), and search words, use among the "+" and GOOGLE (, need in a space between two words.

  here, recommend two best Chinese search engine:

  GOOGLE Chinese search:
  YAHOO, netease, using its search technology, interface is simple, fast and powerful function.
  baidu search: sina, sohu ENET, using baidu search technology.
 
  finally, tell you one of the most important skills that are carefully check each website functional specification. Regardless of where you release information or search for information, each website has its own characteristics, and the characteristics of the function in site. Many companies everywhere, but would not apply for service to see everywhere, the only "half a bucket of water" service, then complaining of give up again and again to the publicity. Spend a little time to read the instructions, and make you twice!