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Enterprise establishment service market space

The expert inside course of study, at present China told reporters as many as 10 million of small and medium-sized enterprises, quite part of enterprise web portal, network marketing is blank, and trend of global economic integration of the increasingly fierce competition brings the challenge is every enterprise must face the problem resides, and using the Internet to rapidly promote competitiveness for small and middle-sized enterprises has special significance. From this perspective, the enterprise establishment of great service market space.

Internet enterprises in the primary stage

According to the state council informatization office of the published in 2003 China Internet network information resources quantity survey report statistics report figures, as of December 31, 2003, the number of domain name, number of sites for 118.7 million for 59.6 million. From the nature and content of service website, the proportion of the largest enterprise web site, the total 70.9%. From this data can be seen, the enterprise is the foundation of Internet site.

New interconnection of guangzhou branch manager in the private economy scold newspaper reporter to interview arrangement, said there has been blind: 70 enterprises arrangement display image just for enterprises, and the products of the company are used to 20% arrangement after-sales service and collect feedback do, less than 10% of the enterprise to build website for electronic commerce. The online resources of enterprise.

Add 3 million cell phone users resources

According to the survey, although enterprise website construction began in 1999, but no definite purpose website construction, don't know who is user, not out of enterprise image. Secondly, the website homepage, causing "function" or just static page, and customer interaction, reach the dynamic web site for the national total only, and slowly. Update 23.7

Market research shows that the establishment of enterprise customers is the concern of the service, technology and safety, and secondly on price. However, since most of the enterprises in the price but site services, chasing the battle of low-cost strategies of user needs neglected, resulting in a walk to a user.

Relevant industry insiders said Internet enterprises can relate to three million cell phone users is not only the object of resources, 80 million Internet users. The expert thinks, enterprise website normally only provide 80 million Internet users, if consumer is not online, aeriform in will have wasted resources. That new interconnection, scold recently proposed a new enterprise establishment, and each has a mobile phone users will be convenient to use online resources.